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The History of “Totora”

The people of South America have used totora reeds to build boats since before the time of the Incan Empire.  Ancient Peruvian and Brazilian fisherman needed a way to navigate through the powerful waves off the coast in order to bring in their day’s catch of fish.  They came up with a design for a small fishing boat using the totora reeds which grew so plentiful along the shores.  The fishermen would paddle their boats out in the morning, then stand up and ride the waves in the end of the day, arriving home safely with their catch.  These boats, known as “caballitos” which means little reed horses, were similar in shape and design to the standup paddleboards and surfboards we ride today.  As a matter of fact, you could say that the totora reed boats were the first standup paddleboards and surfboards ever ridden!  Can you imagine the first time one of the fishermen stood up on his totora boat and caught a wave?  What a rush!  You can experience that same rush today on your own “Totora”!

Totora Surfboards, inspired by these ancient watermen and natural materials.

Click on the links below to watch a few clips of the Totora in action. 


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